Advantages of Elevator Air Conditioning

  • You can adjust the cabin temperature to your desired value using a digital thermometer and thermostat.
  • The air conditioning unit is mounted on top of the elevator cabin, and the installation time is 15 minutes.
  • For installation, two sections should be cut on the elevator ceiling for suction and blowing.
  • Installation is completed by mounting the grille that distributes air onto the ceiling sheet where the lighting fixtures are installed.
  • Providing energy to the device is sufficient for it to operate smoothly for years.
  • Without a drainage system, any water that is generated will evaporate within the system.
  • The temperature control device of the unit is mounted on top of the air conditioner.

Let's get to know Elevator Cooling Air Conditioners

The installation of the elevator air conditioning system is done on the top of the elevator. The unit cools the air taken from inside the elevator cabin and sends it back into the elevator.

This cooling system is economical and can be applied in a very short time, with installation taking around 15 minutes.

Technicial Specifications
Product Documents
Model NoEC 2000PC 2000PC 4000
Cooling Capacity (L35 L35)1980 W1980 W4050 W
Operating Voltage/Frequency198-252/50-60 V / Hz220-280 V / Hz380/50 V / Hz
Starting Current6.2A12,8A25,1A
Operating Current3.8A4,6A3*3,1A
Fuse10 A16A25A
Dimensions: Load/Width/Depth570/430/340 (mm)570*430*3490 (mm)695*500*590 (mm)
Weight42 Kg42Kg58Kg
Air Flow Rate1200 m³/h1000m³/h1800m³/h
Power Consumption610 W880 W2100 W
Coolant GasR 134aR134aR134a
Operating Range+15°C /+55°C+5°C/+55°C+15°C/+55°C
Protection ClassIP54IP54IP54
Mounting MethodWall MountedTop MountedTop Mounted
Thermostat Factory Setting35 °C35°C35°C