Elevator Air Conditioner


  • You can set the cab temperature to the desired figure with the digital thermometer and thermostat.
  • The air conditioner is mounted on the cage, the installation time is 15 minutes.
  • For installation, two sections should be opened for suction and blowing on the elevator roof.
  • Installation is completed by mounting the air diffuser grill on the roof panel on which the luminaires are installed.
  • Giving energy to the device is enough to keep it running smoothly for years.
  • Water generated without drainage is evaporated in the system.
  • The device’s temperature controller is mounted on the air conditioner.

Let’s get to know elevator cooling air conditioners

The elevator air conditioning system is installed on the upper part of the elevator. The unit cools the air taken from the cage and returns it to the elevator.


This cooling system is economic and is applied in a short time, its installation can be made in a short time such 15 minutes.

Model NoEC 2000PC 2000PC 4000
Cooling capacity (L35 L35 1980 W1980 W4050 W
Operating Voltage198-252/50-60 V / Hz220-280 V / Hz380/50 V / Hz
Starting Current6.2A12,8A25,1A
Operating Current3.8A4,6A3*3,1A
Fuse10 A16A25A
Size : Height/Width/Depth570/430/340 (mm)570*430*3490 (mm)695*500*590 (mm)
Net Weight42 Kg42Kg58Kg
Volume Circuit1200 m³/h1000m³/h1800m³/h
Power Consumption610 W880 W2100 W
RefrigerantR 134aR134aR134a
Operational range+15°C /+55°C+5°C/+55°C +15°C/+55°C
Protection CategoryIP54IP54IP54
Mounting MethodWall MountedTop MountedTop Mounted
Thermostat setting35 °C35°C35°C
FansEbmPapstEmPapst/ muadilEbmPapst/ muadil