What is the evaporative cooler ?

The cooling provided by water evaporation is the most natural cooling system. The evaporative cooling process occurs whenever hot air is in contact with water. As the water that is in contact with hot air evaporates, it absorbes the heat of the air and reduces its temperature. In the evaporative cooling mode, the air is cooled by contacting the air with as much water as possible (wet surface).

How Does Work The Evaporative Cooler ?

The evaporative cooler has cooler pads having large surface. The water in the pool of the coolant unit is distributed over the cellulosic cooler core with a small circulation pump and the cooler cores are kept wet continuously. The hot air sucked into the device by the fan of cooling device comes into contact with the water flowing over the pads as it passes through the pads. A comfortable environment with fresh and cool air is provided by the natural evaporation process.

This air is delivered directly or with channels. While the evaporative air conditioning system provides fresh and cool air, with the evacuation of the bad air present in the environment the fresh and cool air in the environment is provided continuously.


Technical Specification (20000 m³/h)
Mounting Type
Area of Use
Application Simulation
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Psychometric Diagram

Alternative 1
Side Blowing Channel Application


Alternative 2
Top Blowing Channel Application

Alternative 3
Bottom Blowing Channel Application


Alternative 4
Bottom Blowing Channel Application


Application Area

Application Areas Sampling

Textile Factories: It will provide the elimination of the heat caused by the intense people and machines inside, it will keep the air
quality high by giving fresh air to the building continuously and it will also humidify the dry air inside as it will have humidifying effect.

Factories, Welding Workshops: Points to be cooled in large volumes can be cooled.

Foundries: Already at a very high temperature
will provide very economical cooling of the volumes in foundries. This will be one of the most efficient applications of the system as the air dries as it warms and becomes more suitable for evaporative cooling.

Hotel Kitchens / Restaurant Kitchens: The high amount of air that emerges during cooking has to be discharged through hoods. If this air is not controlled, it can be drawn from the heated or cooled air in other places and cause a large amount of energy loss. The air to be supplied with this system will prevent the extraction of other volumes and cool the kitchen as it is cooled.

Cafes: This type of places which require constant fresh air and cooling due to intense human and cigarette smoke will create an ideal economic solution both in initial investment and in use.

Usage Areas

  • Factories, Workshops,
  • Workshops Textile,
  • Weaving,
  • Yarn Production Facilities,
  • Dyehouse Garment Workshops Industrial Ovens and Drying Plants Foundries,
  • Iron and Steel Plants Power Plants Discos,
  • Night Clubs, Taverns Wedding Halls,
  • Meeting Halls
  • • Fair and Exhibition Areas
  • • Restaurants, Cafes
  • • Coffee Houses
  • • Dining Halls, Industrial Kitchens
  • • Laundries
  • • Hotels, Motels, Resorts
  • • Baklava Manufacturers
  • • Banks
  • • Mosques, Churches, Places of Worship
  • • Hangars, Warehouses
  • Barracks,
  • Sheds ,
  • Tents ,
  • Offices ,
  • Supermarkets ,
  • Business Inns ,
  • Malls, Shopping Centers ,
  • Sports Facilities,
1- 100% FRESH AIR - 100% COMFORT
Since it does not recirculate the air inside, it provides 100% Fresh air, 100% Comfort and Natural Cooling.
It consumes 80% less energy than conventional gas conditioners.
Inexpensive investment cost up to 80% compared to traditional air conditioners.
No compressor, no refrigerant, very low maintenance cost.
It is an environmental cooler. Environmentally harmful cooling gases are not used. It does not emit any gas harmful to the environment.
It does not dry the air like gas air conditioners. It provides air circulation and moisturizes the environment, providing fresh air at any time.
Evaporative coolers filter bacteria, dust, pollen and smoke from the outside air, giving the interior more clean and healthy air. It removes bacteria and endotoxins from the air stream.
The efficiency of each 1 C above 22 ° C in plants is 3-4%; It is observed that every 1 C above 32 C causes 5% yield loss. Evaporative cooling improves working conditions and improves the performance of workers in high temperature areas.
Practical installation. Direct blowing or cold air delivery to desired distances by air ducts.

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Klimexs Cooling Pads

  • Durable, long lasting
  • Low pressure loss
  • Smooth water distribution
  • Cooling and humidification (evaporative cooling)
  • Environmentally friendly
Groove AngleHeightWidth (mm)Thickness (mm)
45 - 45500300100
45 - 45600300150
45 - 45700300200
45 - 45750300300
45 - 451000300 
45 - 451200300 
45 - 451500300 
Water Distribution Honeycomb30300 

Temperature Change with Evaporative Cooling System (Psychometric Diagram)

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