Why Us?

As Klimexs, we’re proud of presenting devices that meet the expectations of enterprises for consumer use in our productions.

In our Klimexs branded products giving certain solutions at critical points;

  • Maintenance: Periodical maintenances are carried out easily without delaying production inside the enterprise.
  • Technical Service: In panel air conditioners, in case of any problem, maximum service duration is a (1) weekday.
  • Warranty: The warranty period of our Klimexs branded products is two years.
  • Supply of Spare Part(s): All equipments used in our products are universal products that can be easily supplied from the market. In this sense, spare part needs that can be formed in the devices are realized in a short time with reasonable cost.
  • Quick Delivery: Our products are in stock. In panel air conditioners, delivery time is a weekday according to the quantity of items determined in accordance with demand.
  • Custom Manufacturing Opportunity: In accordance with customer demands, design differences and technical equipment changes on our existing products can be realized.
  • Efficient and Innovative Product Portfolio: In enterprises, products with the lowest operating cost and the highest performance in total are preferred. The use of highly efficient products is very important to reduce energy costs.
  • Operating Expense
    • Investment Cost
    • Energy consumption
    • Service fee
    • Eco-friendly product