BT 3500 ( 3340 W)

Maximum Clearance Between Air Inlet and Outlet

Eligibility for 50 and 60Hz

Protection Class by Board

Standard Controller

Auto Restart Function

MODELBT 3500BT 3500 OD
CoverGalvaniz - InoxGalvaniz - Inox
DIN 3168 Cooling capacity L35 L35Watt37003700
DIN 3168 Cooling capacity L35 L50Watt29872987
Operating VoltageV/hz380-420/50380-420/50
Starting CurrentA14,414,4
Operating CurrentA3,683,68
DIN 3168 Power Consumption L35 L35Watt14361436
DIN 3168 Power Consumption L35 L50Watt16141614
Max. PressureBAR2626
Size : Height/Width/Depthmm1050*485*255 1050*485*275
Packaged Size : Height/Width/Depthmm1100*535*305 1100*510*325
Net WeightKg6265,5
Gross WeightKg65,568,5
Max. Air Volume Internal Circuitm³/h11751175
Max. Air Volume Exernal Circuitm³/h14701470
Operational range°C0…..+550…..+55
Protection Category IP to IEC 60 529 (Internal circuit)IP 54IP 65
Protection Category IP to IEC 60 529 (Exernal circuit)IP 34IP 34
Color(*)RAL 7035/INOXRAL 7035
Sound LeveldBA7373
Thermostat setting°C+35+35
EER (Energy Efficiency Rating)EER2,572,57

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BT3500-BT3500 OD Template(pdf)

BT3500-BT3500 OD Template(dwg)

BT3500 Ankastre Template(pdf)

BT3500 Ankastre Template(dwg)

Technical Drawings (pdf)

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Assembly Template